Soy Sauce and Alcohol

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Soy Sauce and Alcohol

Post  Ellie on Tue May 26, 2009 11:04 pm

Hi everyone Very Happy

I wanted to share an interesting discovery I made last week while I was out eating sushi at the mall. As it turns out commercial soy sauce contains at least 2% alcohol and up to 6% in some of the more expensive Japanese brands. The reason I found is because after 2 hand rolls dipped in low-sodium soy sauce, I took a breathalizer test and it came out positive for alcohol. A very low number but no matter it registered as if I had drank something that night.

I was very upset by this due to the fact that my significant other did not want to believe it was the soy sauce and blamed me for drinking behind his back. The truth is I did not drink, we had not been on good terms because of everything that has been going on and I hardly ate that day so I think that had alot to do with it since I am sensitive to alcohol.

Hard to believe but after some hours of research here are some links to some articles that talk about soy sauce and the alcohol content in soy sauce. With this said...I don't feel like eating sushi anymore Crying or Very sad and if I do I guess I will ask for spicy mayo, worst that can happen is I get food poisoning from bacteria but I wont be tested positive for alcohol No

If you have had a similiar experience please post your comments. Here is the info I found:

There May be Alcohol in your Fried Rice

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